Remote control of real-time production is highlighted in Vitoria Stone Fair

The number of companies that have joined the smart equipment and systems in the sector of ornamental rocks grows annually. Fravizel is one of the companies that has bet on the technological boom and presents to the participants of Vitoria Stone Fair, the Quarry 4.0 technology, which allows the remote control of the production in real time, through the communication with the machine from anywhere in the world.

The commercial director, Adérito Joaquim, explains that the technology will be in the products of the company and the ease of this communication allows to obtain information of production and profitability. "This technology in an integrated system allows the customer to know if he can complete the work within the established deadline or if there will be deviations," he exemplifies.

Other news presented by the Portuguese company at Vitoria Stone Fair will be the model of extensible track wire machine with radio control, with Quarry 4.0 technology, the 4-Hammer (MPL) track-drilling machine, the L6 (TB) hydraulic bench and the machine bottom hole of tracks (MFFR).

The director ensures that the expectations are high. "The customer looks a lot at this fair as the beginning of the year of work and his planning. It is at Vitoria Stone Fair that many of the businesses that will happen during the year will be realized and, therefore, it is imperative for us to happen at the beginning of the year," he reflects.

 The fair takes place from February 12 to 15, at Carapina Pavilion, in Serra.

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