Technology for non-explosive rock removal is Fragmentar bet

Working in the defragmentation and rock stripping segment, Fragmentar brings the newest technology for dismantling non-explosive rocks: the Pyroblast / Soft Breaker to Vitoria Stone Fair 2019. Control-free when being used, the most modern homologated and certified product consists of a pyrotechnic device for technical purposes 1.4S ONU 0432 on control level 3 in Brazil.

The TRITF 01 controlled lighter will also be one of the products presented by the company for the market of ornamental stones.

Participating for the second time of Vitória fair, Fragmentar has high expectations. "In 2018, we had the opportunity to advertise our product and, thus, we obtained an increase in marketing after the fair," said Henrique Cesar Mardones de Melo and Rômulo Teixeira Amorim. The professionals informed that the product presented is the only one approved and certified in the country for dismantling, in the sectors of ornamental stones as well as in the civil construction sector.

Fragmentar operates in the national distribution of Pyroblast / Soft Breaker technology for the segment of rock stripping, tailings breakage, and confined rocks.

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