Business, innovation, sophistication and a lot of design were highlights of the 47th edition of Vitoria Stone Fair

Throughout its four days, Vitoria Stone Fair moved the global market of ornamental stones, when opening the world calendar of fairs in the sector, anticipating the main tendencies in natural stones, new technologies and design. Around 300 companies from Brazil and 8 other countries exhibited their products to the market. Driving force in boosting the export of ornamental stones, the event conveyed its business capacity to leverage the economy.

For the president of Sindirochas, Tales Machado, 2019 kicked off with exciting numbers in the export of ornamental stones. He affirms that Vitoria Stone Fair brings good expectations for the rest of the year. “The return of the fair to February, it´s original month, was important to keep the fair as a first offer in the world market. A new concept in the stand´s presentation, with a bigger focus on the applicability of the stones brought to the environment more beauty and warmth, aligned with the richness of details and carefulness in its conception. This year, once again, there were releases of several materials, about 40, reassuring the geological diversity of Brazil. Expectations for next year are big”.

In the month of January, Brazil commercialized over US$ 70 million and the biggest participation of slabs and finished products in the exportation total positively impacted the country´s monthly earnings.

In this scenario, where Espirito Santo consolidates for the quality of its materials, companies and buyers meet in Vitoria, as an indicator for the sales. The company Monte Negro Granitos had all of their expectations exceeded in the first day of the fair. The launching of Blue Nebula quartzite conquered buyers from several places and beat sales record. “We saved this release for Vitoria Stone Fair. Now, we are receiving orders, because the material exposed at the fair was all sold”, celebrates the commercial manager Carla Rodrigues.

Positive winds also passed through Pedra do Frade, in Rio Novo do Sul. CEO Saimom Fiori said the event brought a very large possibility of new contacts and international buyers. With their own quarries, they invested in the release of the Blue Tempest quartzite, in addition to their traditional materials: White Eagle, Crystal Tempest and Mascarelo. "Our products attracted the attention of the Chinese, including closing deals at the fair", said Saimom, whose materials are marketed in South, Central and North America, Europe and Asia.

Another company with reasons to celebrate was Marbrasa. The marketing coordinator, Carol Carvalho commented that this edition had one of the best movements in recent years, thus enabling new contacts and growth in sales. During the fair, the company showed design pieces, such as tables and decorative objects, made by local designers with their own material. Highlight for the São Gabriel black granite, which has several finishes. "We export our products to various places in the world like China, United States, Europe and Canada. The fair contributes a lot in these partnerships and this year was no different", he said.

The fair was also strategic for Quartzblue. Lara Secchin, financial director, credited the company´s success at the fair to the materials presented. "We separated six exclusive releases for Vitoria Stone Fair and believe that these news contributed a lot to our positive result”, she said. Among Quartzblue´s releases are the Fayrus quartzite, the translucent quartz crystal Harpia Crystal and the quartzite Perla Venata

Margramar´s export manager, Madson Hora, complimented the qualified audience at the event, which favored the generation of business. "I noticed that this year companies invested in the differentiated presentation of the stones in their stands, which made the event even more beautiful and attracted an audience willingly to close deals. In this edition we had excellent commercial results, especially with customers from Europe", he said.

The entrepreneur also highlighted that the exhibition Brazilian Stones Original Design, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Ornamental Stones Industry (Abirochas) in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brazil), attracted the main target audience of the industries, who are the specifiers, which also contributed to raising the level of the fair in 2019.

Special projects moved the fair

Vitoria Stone Fair was also marked by the intensification of the approach with the material specifiers, evidenced by the several projects that were part of the event´s schedule.

The architectural and design marathon Archathon brought together more than 70 professionals from 8 Brazilian states, who, during the four days of the fair, developed projects with the use of natural stones.

Another action that moved the event was the second edition of the Brazilian Stones Original Design exhibition, promoted by Abirochas in partnership with Apex-Brasil, which took place in the same space as the Stone Collection project.

In the space of over 250 square meters, the show brought together tables, benches and other objects of decoration, created by 16 renowned designers in the country, as well as works by renowned artists. The transformation of raw materials, such as granites, marbles and quartzites, into exhibition pieces and works of art surprised and enchanted visitors.

"Design and art are the best ways to add value to the rock sector and present all the lightness and versatility a stone can acquire", said Vivian Coser, architect and curator of the Brazilian Stones Original Design.

From the design show held at Vitoria Stone Fair these pieces will be exhibited in other countries or made available for sale in reputed decoration stores.

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