Vitoria Stone Fair 2018: interaction between companies and final consumer

The 45th international fair of marble and granite proved that the interaction of companiesand the final consumer is the key to the appreciation of natural stones

With a new format, the fair registered a great number of visitors impressed with the various possibilities of the use of natural stones, new products and technologies demonstrated in the spaces of the exhibitors.

Visitors were able to check the stone in every step, from extraction to design.  In the external area, “Rua de Blocos”(the blocks corridor) gathered 70 materials that showed the exuberance of the classics to the super classics; The main trends and beauty of the stones were highlighted in the Stone Collection, a conceptual space where we presentedartworks through plates and new technologies. And finally, the valuation of the material in the design: Brazilian Stones Original Design, where we showed furniture and pieces signed by 12 Brazilian designers, made of stones.

"The world market is constantly changing and in search of new innovations and connectivity. Vitoria Stone Fair needs to walk alongside the changes and this edition bet on this new perspective, which involves interaction and innovative experiences for exhibitors, visitors and potential buyers. We can no longer think of using the stone in a singular way. We need to increase the supply so that, companies become more competitive", says the director of Milanez & Milaneze, Alberto Piz.

The president of Sindirochas, Tales Machado stressed that the fair fulfilled its role of disseminating Brazilian products and dictating trends for the world market. "The entrepreneurs showed their strength and, through different spaces, surprised the visitors. The nobility and brightness of the materials gained more prominence in environments that emphasized the applicability of stones and attracted a distinguished audience for this edition", he concludes.

This edition brought together national and international exhibitors from all Brazilian states and 15 countries. Israel participated for the first time, being represented by the company Yonani. Another newcomer at the event was the Egyptian Modern Marble, which arrived at the end of the four days with reasons to celebrate.

"It was a space that we had the opportunity to open to new markets, especially Latin. We made contacts with Brazilian companies, , and equatorial companies for example from Mexican, Costa Rican, Ecuadorean for example. We will develop these partnerships after the fair and we believe in converting to concrete deals. Therefore, we intend to return in future editions", says Modern Marble marketing director, Ramiz George.

The business environment was also favorable, with several positive signs within the event and good prospects for transactions throughout the year.

With a new proposal, Super Clássico expanded its market by introducing the new technology GIS (Geometric Innovated Stone), which comes to value even more natural rocks. The product, which has international patent in about 150 countries, allows the reproduction of several geometric shapes, in any type of rocks.

The partner of the company Leonardo Scaramussa, vibrates with the acceptance of new technology among clients, new partners and architects. "Prospecting is as good as it gets, architects want to put GIS into practice on projects and international buyers, especially from Europe and America, have shown great interest. As the American market focuses a lot on counters and islands, this material is very appropriate", says. Scaramussa explains that the application of GIS technology in materials, takes the name of slabs. The company is also working a standard size for the commercialization of natural stone slabs.

Another company closing this edition with business prospecting schedules is Dardi International Corporation, a leader in China in the development of waterjet cutting machines.Carlos Toledo, from the sales sector, says that the novelty of this year is the launch of the water machine that cuts at any angle. The most interesting thing about the machinery is, that with the exception of tempered glass, the robot cuts all kinds of material. "We have several proposals already made at the fair. Next week will be for meetings".

In its participation in the Vitoria Stone Fair, Aço Art has had good results. Recognized for building machines that provide differentiated cuts and that meet the needs of customers, they have sold INEX, its novelty equipment. "We had a high number of visitors at the fair and we were able to introduce our machines, make more informal contact with current customers and prospects and make sales, including our launch. It´s a place that allows this first contact in a more direct way, which translates into great possibilities for future sales", commented Telma Rocha, from sales and marketing department.

Sotreq, focused on heavy machinery, it was another successful company. They close this edition with the sale of their excavator, launched exclusively at the Vitoria Stone Fair. The new generation of excavators promises to be 45% more efficient, 20% reduction in fuel use and 15% reduction in maintenance costs. "We are positively evaluating our participation, with a good number of visitors to our booth and with sales, including our launch", says the marketing analyst Priscila Manzoni.

The event was also strategic for Grupo Qualitá, for whom Vitoria Stone Fair became a place to present the products and visit former customers.  Tiago Parajara, part of the commercial and export business department, says that many international business deals, such as China, the United Arab Emirates and the United States were started at the fair, and that the meetings are already scheduled for the coming weeks.

"While the American market opts for exotic and translucent materials such as the Exclusive White quartzite, the Eastern market invests in natural stones with more movement. This is the case with Riviera marble and Explendor Gold granite", he says. 

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