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Vitoria Stone Fair will host architecture marathon and design exhibition

Published in 11/04/2018 - 15:54

Feira de Vitória com novidades

The projects aim to follow the international trends pointing to the modernization on the use of natural materials for construction and decoration

Design pieces produced with marble and granite, a special collection with the most beautiful and exotic brazilian stones and an interior design marathon for architects. These are some of the latest news for the 2018 edition of Vitoria Stone Fair, in Brazil, which takes place in the city of Vitória from June 5 to 8.

The event, considered the most important show for ornamental stones and its technologies in the Americas, has invested in innovative projects for the architecture and design sectors, following the international trends pointing to the modernization on the use of natural stones for construction and decoration.

One of the projects for this edition is an exhibition of design pieces made with natural stones. The initiative comes from the Brazilian Association of the Stone Industry (Abirochas), inside the project Brazil Original Stones, and will count on the curatorship of Adélia Borges, professional with extensive career on design.

Adélia is a curator and critic, having organized more than 40 exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. For Vitoria Stone Fair 2018, she wants to show the beauty of brazilian stones in a different way. “Traditionally, Brazil sells commodities, the gross product. We need to work these materials with intelligence, design and innovation, using the potential of natural stones to create finished products with added value”, she points out.

Besides the exhibition, there are more news for architects and designers: the realization of Archathon Vitoria Stone fair, a marathon of creation and design. The project bets on the experienced eye of a group of architects to come up with new ways to natural stones - on the construction and decoration of homes, offices and other living spaces.

The marketing director of Archathon, Anna Rafhaela Bonifácio, explains that the project is the main channel of opportunities for architects and interior designers in Brazil: “The workshop dynamic aims to enable and train the participants through qualified content, networking and professional practice”.

Anna Rafhaela adds that Vitoria Stone Fair was already a frequent destiny for these professionals. “What we want now is to offer an opportunity for them to showcase their work during the fair, creating new solutions and thinking about different ways to apply natural stones”, she completes. The group responsible for the best project using natural stones in construction and decoration will win a special reward, yet to be announced.

Companies release new materials with style

Consolidating Vitoria Stone Fair as an event of reference for Latin America and for the world, traditional brazilian companies will bring their most anticipated releases to a special exhibition during the show. The project “Stone Collection” is a initiative of Milanez & Milaneze, company responsible for the fair. The goal is to attract the attention of international buyers and raise new business opportunities in Brazil, showcasing the most beautiful and exotic national stones.

The special projects of the International Marble & Granite Fair are part of an innovation agenda planned by the show organization, which promises to turn this edition of the fair into an important milestone for the relationship between sectors of the ornamental stones production chain.

“The union of the various sectors involved in the extraction, processing, marketing and personalization of natural stones represents the future. It is no longer possible to work separately, without thinking about the importance of connecting stone companies to the final customer. Only this contact will lead to the modernization of the sector and the maintenance of its relevance”, says Cecília Milanez, director of Milanez & Milaneze, responsible for Vitoria Stone Fair.

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